Items Seniors need when living in Asheville NC assisted living facility

Senior citizens have lead long, happy lives, but now that they are up in age a bit, things are starting to get a bit dull, such as the memory or health. Although a senior might not yet be ready for the rocking chair, there are a multitude of great devices the person can use to make aging gracefully much easier. If you are living in an Asheville NC assisted living facility, these gadgets are even more useful. Let’s take a look at some of these great gadgets that all seniors should have.

Amplified Phones

Although not a condition affecting all seniors, some do have trouble hearing things as clearly as they once did. Rather than miss out on those awesome conversations, the amplified phone is available, enabling you to choose the volume of the caller on the other end.

Medication Reminders

Seniors who’ve kept up with the latest technology will find many medication reminder apps available. It is so easy to forget to take them, but not anymore. Seniors that don’t use smartphones aren’t out of luck, however, as many gadgets also make this an easier task.

Walk-in Baths

Many slip and fall accidents occur in the bathroom. With a few simple adjustments and the addition of a walk-in bath, the risk of falling is far less. These baths are also stylish so seniors hat use them do not have to sacrifice great design.

Seniors also need companionship, guidance and a helping hand, and they get all of these things inside of an assisted living facility. Combined with the items above (and others based upon specific conditions and concerns) and seniors have all they need to live long, healthy, and happy lives! What are you waiting for? Add these gadgets to your life today!

Listenandcare offers Chemotherapy Facts

If you would like more information about chemotherapy, you can visit In the meantime, here are a few points of interest about chemotherapy that you might be interested in knowing.

  • Chemotherapy is most often used to treat cancer patients. It is the use of a variety of chemicals to kill cells attacking the body.
  • Ask questions when the doctor recommends chemotherapy. You should ask questions so that you can get the answers that you need. How well is it expected to work? How many treatments do you require? Has the treatment been successful in the past? These are just some of the many important questions that you should have answered.
  • Understand the risks of chemotherapy. Although risks vary greatly from one patient to the next, and you might have one side effect or many. The severity of those side effects also greatly vary from one person to the next. Possible side effects include weight loss, loss of appetite, pain, hair loss, difficulty swallowing, itching, constipation, and many others.
  • Will chemotherapy affect fertility in the future? This is a question that you should have answered before making the decision of whether or not to proceed with chemotherapy.
  • There are a number of different types of drugs used for chemotherapy sessions. Talk to your doctor about the various types.
  • Oral chemotherapy may or may not be an option for you but it is definitely worth talking to the doctor about. This type of chemo allows you to take a pill orally to receive the benefits.
  • Home care is important for any patient that is using chemotherapy. Make sure that you understand the best ways to take care of yourself as you are undergoing chemo treatments. This is a great way to improve your success rates and a speedy recovery!

Reasons to Visit Lake serene walk in clinic

Lake Serene walk in clinic is a great place to go for medical attention when there is a relatively minor concern affecting your life.  Rather than taking a trip to your physician, a visit to the walk-in clinic provides a better solution for your needs.

There is an ample number of benefits waiting to be enjoyed when you visit the walk in clinic. Continue reading and learn more about those impressive benefits. You are sure to feel the excitement!

The short wait time is the biggest highlight to expect when you visit a walk in clinic. You can get in and out of a walk in family clinic quickly, whereas you might spend an entire day at the doctor’s office. Knowing that you aren’t going to have to devote your day to this visit is a comfort in itself.

The cost is an equally impressive benefit. Whether or not you have insurance is beside the point; the cost of your visit to the walk-in clinic is far less expensive than what you’d need to fork over to visit your general physician.

You are also at less risk for developing something more serious when you visit the walk in clinic. Since this facility handles only certain kinds of conditions, people with pneumonia or with a viral infection is less likely to be waiting alongside you.

Do not think that these facilities do not provide you with quality care. All of the staff at these facilities are knowledgeable, talented, and they definitely know what to do to take care of your needs. What could be better?

Aren’t these benefits enjoyable? You bet they are. And, all that you need to do is head out to the walk in clinic to receive them for yourself. What are you waiting for?

How Can Laser Therapy Provide Relief with Sports Injury Phoenix?

Chronic pain is something that most individuals do not want to deal with their entire life. If you have sustained a sports injury Phoenix, then it is likely your pain can continue to go on for years or even your entire life. New advances in laser therapy have made it possible for patients to receive relief permanently for their condition when other types of pain management have failed them.

What is Laser Therapy?

Using a precision laser, this therapy process delivers relief at the source of the problem. This makes a different solution the traditional pain management which only relieves the symptoms of the pain. Individuals who have continued pain are less likely to respond to prescription medications or injections over time. Surgery can be an invasive option that is not preferred by those who cannot afford to be out on recovery. The laser approach creates a ballast option that is pleasing to everyone. Best of all, it is an outpatient procedure that lets individuals with any type of injury get back to their lives as quickly as possible.

What can It Treat?

Laser therapy can treat a variety of medical conditions including sciatica, sports injuries, herniated discs, and general joint pain. It’s customized approach ensures that every patient gets targeted treatment specifically to be there needs. Unlike other options such as prescription medications that constantly be to be refilled, laser therapy is a one-time procedure that should provide complete relief immediately and well into the future.

Where can I find It?

Laser therapy is not available at every sports medicine office today. If you are interested in this alternative approach that it will be necessary to seek out those practices which have been educated on the procedure and carry the proper equipment. With the right physician at the helm, Eddie sports related injury are paid could be resolved in no time.

Learn About Pain Care at Lafayettepaincare

Pain is something that can really make things difficult for us if we don’t know how to take care of it properly. Whether it’s from a serious injury or it’s because of other issues that have come up during your lifetime, it can be really irritating to try and deal with the issues that occur. How are you supposed to deal with your daily tasks if you’re struggling with pain on a daily basis? Is there anything that you can do in order to make it easier on yourself? That’s a great question.

That’s where can come and help you out. This pain center is known for being one of the best in the business and they have been doing all that they can to get the best in pain staff that is out there. They know that pain can make life difficult, especially as you grow older, so they work with a lot of professionals in order to try and make it that much easier for people to function. They find the source of the pain, work with you to determine how you want to take care of it, and then make sure that you’ve got everything necessary so that you can fight the pain.

Do you want to see what you can do? Do you want to talk to a professional that can take care of all of your needs? Do you want to make a call that is going to change your life? Then it’s time for you to talk to the professionals at Take a look at their website to learn about your options and to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to live a life that has as little pain as is possible for your condition.

Get Better Sex with Gr8Alchemy

So, you are a little concerned about your sex life. It’s okay – a lot of people are. That’s why there are so many products out there that are trying to help people to get what they want and need when it comes to the whole process of having sex. What can you do in order to make it easier on yourself? How can you make sure that you’re not going to end up in an awkward situation that you may not know how to deal with very well? Good question – and Gr8Alchemy can actually help you with the answer.

This product is the answer to a lot of the problems that many men have when it comes to sex. If you feel like you can’t function well in the bedroom, or that your nerves are going to get the best of you in the process, then this may just be the thing that you’ve been looking for. With all natural ingredients and recommendations from professionals and patients alike, you can feel confident that you’re actually getting something that is completely safe and that is going to work for you instead of against you.

If this sounds like it may be just the thing that you need and that may be able to give you access to the sex life that you’ve always wanted to have, then it may be time for you to take a look at their website and talk to a representative about all of the options that are going to be available for you. You don’t have to feel like you’re stuck in a bad sex life – with an option like this, you can start to have the sex that you’ve always wanted and that you and your lover deserve to have together.

Get the Best Weight Loss Results at Iowaweightloss

Losing weight is one of the most frustrating things that you will ever have to deal with. It can be frustrating when it comes to taking care of it and trying to figure out if it’s a good idea for you to go ahead with a certain method or whatever it may be that you’re looking to take care of. That being said, have you looked online for answers that may be waiting for you to find them? may be just the thing that you’ve been looking for.

Why? The one reason is because they have put a lot of resources into this whole thing. They know that there are a lot of people out there who are looking for weight loss solutions and, because of that, they have done all that they can in order to ensure that you’re going to be able to work with them and drop the weight that you’ve been waiting to drop – and that’s a huge deal for a lot of people out there who may be looking for the best things that they can do when it comes to the often frustrating process of losing weight.

Do you want to learn more and get started on your own weight loss journey? You are not alone at all, and we want to make sure that we can help you to get those goals taken care of. Take a look at all of the resources that we have available for you and then you can get started and lose a lot of weight that has just been weighing you down and frustrating you. Let us get you started on the journey so that you can finally find the freedom from your weight that you have always deserved to have.

Check out these tips for eating healthy on the go

Eating healthy can be challenging under ordinary circumstances. But we need to travel on occassion. Eating healthy while traveling is a challenge even under the best circumstances. Air travel makes us a captive audience with limited food choices.

Frequently, that means fast food, usually expensive and limited. Hardly ever is healthy  food a choice. Train travel poses similar restrictions.

However, traveling in your own car improves your chances for eating healthy. Doing so, gives you the opportunity to plan not only the trip but also the food you will eat.

Many websites and other sources of information present numerous tips to eating healthy on the go.

The biggest advantage of traveling in your own vehicle is that you can plan your trip. You can plan your rest stops, when and where you will eat. This brings us conveniently to the cardinal rule of eating healthy on the go:

  • Plan ahead

When planning your trip, consider where you will be and when. Then think about what healthy foods you can buy there. Or prepare a list of healthy foods to get from your local grocer to take with you.

  • Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides much of the energy we consume during the day. Feed  your body healthy protein ( eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese and the like) and  whole-grain bread, cereals, and fruits. Pack some of it to eat during the trip if you want to save time.

  • Restaurant meals

If you cannot avoid them, look for some low-fat meat (chicken) and salads. Vegetables and fish are other good choices. Substitute fresh water for sugary drinks. Forgo burgers and subs for low-calorie wraps.

These tips to healthy eating on the go will make your trip a healthy experience.

Visit Hackettstown Regional Medical Center

We all want to make sure that we’re going to be able to get everything that we need in the world of medicine. We want to feel like we’ve got everything necessary in order to thrive and feel our best. That being said, how can you know that you’re going to be able to get that sort of care? Doing research for medical centers can be difficult, so it takes a bit of time for you to be able to sort out everything necessary for your care.

That being said, if you are in the area of Hackettstown, then you want to make sure that you take a look at Hackettstown Regional Medical Center. They have been in business for a number of years and they make sure that they hire the best of the best when it comes to their professionals. Add in the fact that they make sure that they are able to take care of everything necessary when it comes to testing and treatment, and you can feel confident and comfortable while you’re there. When you have a medical emergency (or any other type of medical need), you want to make sure that you’re in the best hands that you can be in. Hackettstown does everything that they can to give you that confidence.

Do you want to learn more or to become part of the medical community at this great medical center? Do you want to learn about all of your options and talk to people that are going to help you out? Then go to their website today or make sure that you get in touch with them. You can then get an appointment for whatever you need and get the care that you deserve to have, no matter what the ailment.

Now we know why we have to take those vitamins

Some of us don’t, but today, many of us do. We’re talking about the millions of Americans who have discovered the value of taking vitamins. The primary objective, of course, is to improve one’s health. Picking out a cocktail of supplements is also quite easy too, so much so that, non-prescribed, they can even be purchased straight from the supermarket shelves. And what else is packed on those shelves?

Food, lots of it. And, would you believe, most of these pre-packed foodstuffs are not good for us anyway. This is something that Dr Steven Hotze, founding member of Houston, Texas-based Hotze Health & Wellness Center, discovered many years ago after his father, having suffered a severe setback with coronary heart disease, prompted him onto a journey of discovery. That journey of discovery entailed thoroughly researching the benefits of taking natural vitamin supplements, a concept that was foreign to father and son, as well as us.

Today, we are more aware. We also know why we need to take those vitamins in the first place. Not simply as an afterthought towards making us feel great, but mainly to address the severe shortcomings we experience in our every day dietary regiments. Most of the food we source from our supermarkets are deliberately pre-packaged and processed, leaving little over of the essential ingredients required to keep us healthy and strong.

But to help us focus on always taking the right course of treatment, this health and wellness center has focused programs in place which both educate and empower us. Along with unique health and wellness programs, Hotze Health & Wellness have Hotze Vitamins and PowerPak, both registered trademarks. And these pre-packaged vitamin parcels have been put together at the center following strict good manufacturing processes.